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Lavender Eczema Cream


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Lavender Eczema Cream is made with some amazing skin rich oils and butters that heals, soothes, and rejuvenates the skin.

Shea Butter- High in vitamin A which moisturizes and protects the skin. In addition to its moisturizing properties it also has healing properties for skin problems such as blemishes, wrinkles, itching, and eczema.

Wheat Germ Oil- Contains minerals, vitamins and protein. It is loaded with Vitamin E and is a natural inflammatory, containing over 50% linoleic acid. It can help repair blemishes, aging skin, and eczema.

Coconut Oil- which has anti bacterial, anti- fungal, antioxidant and antimicrobial properties that can help soothe the skin and reduce itchy flare ups.

Infused with Lavender essential oil. 

For best results: Apply twice a day, preferably after a bath. 

Available only in 8oz.