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How it all started...Our Story

Posted by Carnesha Mosley on

Hey Y'all! First and foremost, Welcome to The Lanai Collection! Thanks for stopping by. I wanted to give you all a quick little backstory of how it all started.

My love for making body care products began a few years back when I was trying to treat my son's eczema. Aiden started to break out with eczema at the tender age of 3 months. I was literally just a mama trying anything under the sun to relieve him of his itchy, dry skin. Of course, his doctor prescribed steroid creams and ointments that either discolored his skin or burned him (yes, you read that right, burned!) That's when I knew it had to be something out there that could treat his skin without doing more damage to it. I did lots of research, tested an all natural recipe, and it worked! Soon after, it became a hobby and I really enjoyed making it for him but most importantly I loved the results. I started selling jars of the eczema cream and saw that it was working for other people as well (jackpot!). I was so happy that I was able to find a natural solution to an ongoing issue that so many people suffer with. Shortly after that I started branching out and making more products like sugar scrubs, body oils, and body butters and before I knew it, I had a whole product line now known as, THE LANAI COLLECTION.